Mike Salino

Would a Lease Option work for you?


Lease option is a form of owner financing that offers more flexibility and protection for both buyers and sellers.

After the financial crisis many many people were forced into foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy.  Many of them have now been able to put there financial houses in order and would like to get back into home ownership.  In our area (South West Florida) renting is expensive and unpredictable, because we have many more prospective tenants than available properties, and the situation is not improving.

On the other hand very few sellers are able or willing to provide owner financing, because they need to pay off a mortgage, or because they are unwilling to take the risk, that the buyer might default.


A lease option provides a better solution.  This is how it works.

The parties sign a regular lease usually for one year, but often with the option to extend for one or more years at an agreed rate.

They also sign an agreement that gives the tenant an option to purchase the property for a previously agreed price at any time during the term of the lease.  If they tenant is unable or unwilling to complete the purchase, they are under no obligation to do so.


In association with Home Partners of America (HPA) I am able to offer you an even better alternative.  You have the ability to choose from many homes currently for sale on the Multiple Listing Service, which would not normally be eligible for any type of Owner Financing.  If the property is eligible HPA will purchase the property on your behalf and then lease it to you until such time as you are able to finance it yourself.

Here's a short video you can watch to see if this program would work for you.